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 Idea on Leveling Up

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Idea on Leveling Up Empty
PostSubject: Idea on Leveling Up   Idea on Leveling Up Icon_minitimeWed Apr 30, 2008 2:47 am

I have this little leveling up idea. When a person train like walking up tree, walking on water and etc. Let that help gain exp. Also when a person gain a level they can customize there stat with the point read example below.

Stats: 4
POW: 24
STR: 24
END: 23
SPD: 30

You dont have to use 1 point fo each one. You can give all the point to POW(Power) if you want. If you want to take your time then you can save it up if you want. So what I am trying to say is you get 4 Stat points for every level up. I think Darth thought this up too not sure.
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Idea on Leveling Up
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