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 Zangetsu's Application

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PostSubject: Zangetsu's Application   Zangetsu's Application Icon_minitimeSat May 10, 2008 10:25 am

Name: Zangetsu (FireBallBoy) Jacob Jones

Spot Applied for (Iconner Mapper Co-coder Gfxer(you dont have to be one of these to apply for GM):
Well at this time i am only an amateur mapper but i am practicing on the source i do have.
Why you think you Deserve the position:

Good Qualities: I am fair. I do not hand out free items to people. I try me best(noones perfect) to uphold all rules. I try to keep all people calm and orderly but at times we all know this is not possible. I have been a GM on many games. I also will be one on a game thats been in progress for about 6 months now and should be out in June.

Bad Qualities: I have these and i know i do. I try to work on things like taking a lot of disrespect from players. I do not use my GM powers to do this i sometimes simply go on killing sprees killing the person and friends over and over and over. I have worked on this though.

Possible problems you might have if Any: Some people i know have grudges against and will try anything to provoke me to do things against rules. I will try to resist those temptations. I also there are people not saying anyones name that will falsely accuse me of things just to torture me but thats ok.
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Zangetsu's Application
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