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 Danieru - Gm application

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Danieru - Gm application Empty
PostSubject: Danieru - Gm application   Danieru - Gm application Icon_minitimeFri Feb 29, 2008 3:43 pm

b]Name:[/b] Daniel (A.k.a: Danieru)

Spot Applied for (Iconner Mapper Co-coder Gfxer(you dont have to be one of these to apply for GM):

Why you think you Deserve the position:
I put a lot of ideas into the game, I've been putting ideas in for a while, i've tried to icon, and learn to icon. I have previously mapped, but i don't think they're being used. I want to be tried as a Gm because i think i'd be decent.
Good Qualities:
Bad Qualities:
Possible problems you might have if Any:
I could lose my head abit in the heat of the moment, but i do re-think what i've done later and try to solve it.
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Danieru - Gm application
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