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 Gm Application of Rodney

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Gm Application of Rodney Empty
PostSubject: Gm Application of Rodney   Gm Application of Rodney Icon_minitimeFri Apr 11, 2008 8:42 am


Spot Applied for :Gfx

Why you think you Deserve the position:Well i dont see any gfx here so yea Very Happy

Good Qualities:I got exp of being gm on many games and am too a game maker,one of my popular games The New Power.Its Down Because it needs a host and coder.Along With Gfx I Can Make Forums,Hub Design(HTML)and map.Am Almost online 24\7 on my msn so if anything is needed u can message me.Am Willing to learn more things like iconing which del said he would teach me,coding too but i dont have the time cause igot school and it gives hell lots of HW <_<.

Bad Qualities:I will mostly come on the game for like 1-2 hours cause i dont like training <_<,short tempered,annoying and anymore qualitles u can ask ayo he knows more Very Happy

Possible problems you might have if any:Yes Training <_<.

Hope U Like My Gm App. Very Happy
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Gm Application of Rodney
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